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Individuals commonly grow up learning that looks aren't everything. Still, as we mature, we observe that our skin's health dramatically affects our self-esteem. Acne is one of the multiple problems affecting your self-assured ability. Patients with acne generally have painful blemishes or inflamed cysts on their cheeks, chin, nose, collarbone, and top of the back, shoulders, upper torso, and arms. It can drastically affect your life, not just from a cosmetic viewpoint but from a psychological one. If you have utilized numerous prescriptions, ointments, or face cleansers, but nothing seems to help, acne laser therapy could be an excellent option for your skin. Following the typical number of treatments, many of our St. Paul, MN men and women notice considerable improvements in their acne and are thrilled with the results. Riverbend Family Dental is proud to perform noninvasive laser procedures that help treat active breakouts with the Harmony XL PRO. We urge you to call and hear more about laser acne options and arrange a session.

How much does laser acne treatment cost?
The cost of your laser-assisted acne treatment could be based on the number of procedures that make up your treatment program. During the planning phases, we will examine the state of your complexion and review the number of appointments you need to have to achieve your desired look.

How is laser acne treatment done?
To conduct this treatment, someone on our staff will select the Harmony XL PRO applicator that is appropriate for your situation. We will move the vacuuming technology across the treatment regions to clear your pores and eradicate acne.

How long will my results last?
Outcomes following laser-assisted acne treatment are different for each person. Since laser acne removal treats present blemishes, you may need periodic treatments if your acne starts to flare up again and practice an effective skin care regimen at home.

Stunned!! I had treatment completed to help with acne and first session went so well and I noticed a big difference! My significant other made a comment a few weeks after my first procedure - “are you wearing makeup” - when I had none face had cleared so well! I’ve struggled with adult/hormonal acne and so far (between topical, oral medicine, and expensive face washes) laser treatment has worked the best. 2nd treatment completed today and I cannot wait for the results!

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